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Chelsea Jean Lamm ~ Portrait of emerging fashion designer in her Atelier based in Munich

As an emerging designer based in Munich with South African roots, Chelsea Jean Lamm finds inspiration in the fusion of contemporary art and the beauty of nature.


Her designs are a celebration of colour, texture and form, and she strives to create pieces that evoke a sense of playfulness, elegance, and individuality.

Chelsea believes in the power of fashion to tell stories and convey emotions, and she incorporates this philosophy into every aspect of her work, from the selection of fabrics to the construction of each garment.


Through her designs, Chelsea aims to encourage a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion, focusing on the use of eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods. She believes that fashion has the potential to be a force for positive change, both in terms of environmental impact and social responsibility.

In collaboration with her sister Ashley Elizabeth Lamm, fine art collages made out of discarded books and magazines are created, which are used as a starting point for their creations.


Every garment is based on a one-of-a-kind contemporary collage by Ashley Elizabeth Lamm. Within the Ashley's work accumulations of paper cuttings deconstruct social hierarchies by creating female goddesses and warriors that unsettle and alter the definition of the historical male hero.

Collage as a form of transplantation from one papery surface to the next is their way of forming a demand for a more diverse and intense representation of female voices and stories.

Collage Artist Ashley Elizabeth Lamm with fashion designer Chelsea Jean Lamm working together in their atelier based in Munich
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